Dear Parents,

We hope the first days of summer are finding you well and that you are enjoying a most welcome respite. Summer work is important to maintain the momentum of learning and to ensure skills are practiced. Please read the following carefully and guide your child through the process.

Over the past several months we engaged in meaningful reflection about our goals and vision for summer homework. We also considered factors due to the situation that we encountered this year with home learning.  

A number of goals are reflected in the design and presentation of the summer work for this year: 

  • Encourage a level of engagement that allows students to stay fresh and involved while appreciating the nature of summer break.

  • Enable students to review material learned during the year. 

  • Collect data about student achievement so we are prepared to welcome back our students to class in September. 

  • Ensure all students have access to all the material throughout the summer. 

  • Maintain the look and feel of Kesher Flatbush, which will ensure a smooth transition to locating summer work. 

Below you will find the links to a Google doc for each incoming grade level. Click your child’s incoming grade level to find all the work for the entire summer.

Incoming 2nd Grade

Incoming 3rd Grade

Incoming 4th Grade

Incoming 5th Grade

A few items to keep in mind:

  • Like last year, a pacing calendar is included to support and enable each family to plan and pace their week for their children. 

  • Purchase both a fiction and a nonfiction book from the list in the document. Take the opportunity to read them both with and to your children over summer vacation. Keep track of all the books read during the summer in the book log.

  • Math and Hebrew booklets were provided to families and are also available for download.

  • The Seder Hayom chart will be updated each week on the Kesher website. Clickhere for the one for this week.

These links will also be available on the Kesher Flatbush website for your convenience. 

We hope this setup makes it simple for families to manage and for students to complete.

For General Studies questions, please email Rabbi Dr. David Saltzman at dsaltzman@flatbush.org. For Judaic Studies questions, please email Mrs. Chani Gratzman at cgratzman@flatbush.org.

Wishing everyone a safe, rejuvenating, and enjoyable summer. 


YOF LS Administration