What is Zoom and how do we use it?

  1. Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars.

  2. Zoom users can choose to record sessions, collaborate on projects, and share or annotate on one another's screens, all with one easy-to-use platform.

  3. YOF has a Premium Zoom account ( that provides added features for teaching and learning and unlimited minutes for up to 300 participants at one time.

  4. Our Zoom Premium account is Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) compliant, secure, in our own Zoom virtual environment.

  5. Our Zoom Teacher Premium accounts include:

Instant messagingVideo meetingsWebinarsGroup chatsScreen sharingRoom sharesVast training opportunitiesVideo and audio conferencing

  1. How do I join a class on Zoom?

Click on the link that your teacher sends you.The next step depends on your device:If you are on a Chromebook, you will be added to the class automatically.If you are using a computer (Mac or PC): you will typically be added to the class automatically.Sometimes:You will be asked to click to download a file. After it downloads, double-click on it and it will invite you to join a meeting. Use the teacher’s 10 digit number or the end of their personal link (e.g. if the link is - just type ykrainess)If you are using a phone:You will be asked to download the Zoom app.After it loads, click “Get” or “Open.”Click the “join a meeting” button.  Type the name or number of your teachers’ meeting.Enter the teacher’s 10 digit number at the end of the link or Click “Join with a personal link name” and type the end of their personal link (e.g. if the link is - just type bkramer4)

  1. What can I do in the Zoom Class (after you log in, see the bottom of your screen)

Your teacher will probably have your sound muted.You can click on Chat. You might be able to send a personal message to the teacher.You might also be able to send a comment to the whole class.You can Click Start Video to show your face to the class.You can click Participants and you can raise your hand and answer simple questions.

  1. What if I’m having issues?

  2. YOF Students,Teachers, Administrators, and Staff: go to to place a Helpdesk Ticket.

  3. YOF Parents: send an email to and provide a phone number to reach you.

  4. For more details, please refer to section above entitled, "Who do we reach out to if we need technical help and how?"

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