Zoom for Students

Zoom Instructions for Students

How do I join a class on Zoom?

From a Chromebook:

Click on the Zoom icon on your Chromebook

In “Join a meeting” enter your teacher’s Personal Link Name from the spreadsheet.

If you are using a computer/laptop (Mac or PC):

Go to

Click “Join”

Enter your teacher’s Personal Link Name from the spreadsheet.

The first time you use Zoom, you will be prompted to download the program.

After it downloads it will ask if you want to use Zoom Meetings.

If you are using a phone:

Download the Zoom app

After it loads, click “get” or “Open”

Click the “join a meeting” button.

Click “Join with a personal link name” and type in the name from the spreadsheet.

What can I do in the Zoom Class (after you log in, see the bottom of your Screen)

Your teacher will probably have your sound muted.

You might be able to click on Chat.

You might be able to send a personal message to the teacher

You might also be able to send a comment to the whole class

You can Click Start Video to show your face to the class.

You can click Participants where you can raise your hand.

What if I’m having issues?

Go to and place a helpdesk ticket to describe your issue. Someone will get back to you.

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