June 25, 2020

Dear Atideinu Parents,

As our 2019-2020 school year comes to an end, we reflect on the challenges that we have faced, as a family, a school and a community. With these challenges comes tremendous growth. We have truly fostered a partnership in our children’s education as they have made great strides. 

Many parents have asked us “what can I, as a parent, do to make sure my child continues to thrive academically over the summer?” Aside from saying Tefilah each morning, we have compiled resources in an effort to help your child maintain all that they have learned throughout the school year. Utilizing the links below will allow your child to take on the next school year with confidence!

  • Click here for a list of tefillot to practice over the summer.

  • Click here for a list of Critical Thinking Questions to refer to when asking your child about a reading as well as information on open ended vs closed ended questions. 

  • Click here for a list of fun and engaging websites and activities for your child!

  • Click here for a list of recommended games to promote strategizing and enhance cognitive, mathematical, and motor skills.

For your convenience we have included audio files of some of the tefillot that your child has learned this year. Please click on the following links and to review the tefillot with your child:

Modeh Ani/Tzitzit/Kirtzono

Hashem Melech



Have a wonderful summer! And don't forget to READ READ READ!

Debbie Levine Greenbaum          

Director, Early Childhood         

Cheryl Weinberger

Assistant Director, Early Childhood